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Does bitter kola cure cough? what you need to know

Do you know bitter kola can cure that cough you’ve been dealing with?


Stubborn or chronic cough is sometimes difficult to go no matter how many measures and drugs are taken to put an end it.

Bitter Kola is known as an effective agricultural produce in the treatment of cough, tuberculosis, and other benefits. Allowing cough to persist for too long is not healthy and thus should be treated immediately signs are noticed. Studies have shown that ingesting bitter kola were rated high for cough.

To use the Bitter kola method in curing cough, blend 8-10 bitter kola nuts and scoop the paste in a clean container with a cover. Get a half bottle of honey and add a considerable amount to the paste about ratio 5:1 and stir very well. Allow to stay for at least an hour, for it to ferment.

You can administer to your child or an adult three times daily until symptoms of cough disappear. This home remedy is very potent. Ensure you stay away from drinking cold or iced water during treatment.

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