7 delicious dishes you can make with plantain


From plantain rolls to plantain pancakes and sandwiches, here are 7 delicious meals you can make with plantain.

Plantain is one delicious meal a good number of us restrict to rice.

Plantain can be taken as a side dish or as the main dish depending on the quantity of plantain used in making whichever kind of plantain delicacy you wish to.

Plantain is a very versatile delicacy that can be used to conjure a good number of new dishes. Although, mostly fried and eaten with rice or beans in some rare situations in Nigeria, here are 7 other delicacies you can make with plantain.

1. Plantain sandwich

Plantain sandwich is an incredibly delicious delicacy.

To make this meal, slice a finger of plantain into two halves and further divide each half into two. Fry the plantain slices, drain the oil, flatten the plantain and fill it using any filling of your choice for the sandwich (like shredded meat, hotdog, scrambled eggs, cheese and veggies).

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2. Gizdodo

Gizdodo is one sweet healthy recipe that combines gizzard and plantain (dodo, as Nigerians call it), hence the name Gizdodo.

To make this delicacy, the plantain, as well as the gizzards, are cut into small cubes and stir fried with seasoned diced pepper and onion mixture.

3. Plantain frittata

Plantain frittata is one way to get a lot of plantains stuffed into your throat.

Slice the plantain and fry till it’s golden yellow or you could just bake the plantain. Whisk some eggs, add veggies, shredded chicken and season. In a non-stick pan, pour the egg mixture and add the cooked plantain on it. Bake it for about 10 minutes or until the egg is well cooked.

4. Plantain rolls

More like spring rolls, but with plantain replacing the spring, plantain rolls are crunchy and sweet and serve as a super delicious appetizers or dessert.

5. Boli

Boli (roasted plantain) is a popular Nigerian street food that goes really well with some well-roasted groundnuts. Although mostly made by the roadside by Boli vendors, it can be made at home by simply using an oven or a microwave.

6. Plantain pancakes

It’s no news that anything plantain is definitely going to be really sweet and delicious and plantain pancakes is a typical example.

To make plantain pancakes, blend the plantain and mix with eggs, flour, milk, sugar and nutmeg (optional). Pour the batter in bits in a greased non-stick pan to cook the pancakes.

7. Plantain moi moi

Rather than throwing the over ripe plantain(s) away, just make plantain moi moi with it.

Like beans moi moi, blend the plantain, add salt, seasoning cubes, crayfish, onion and cooking oil, You can add a little oil to thicken the paste. Pour it into moi moi nylon, leaves or foil and cook.

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